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Our company offers complete services in the field of bookkeeping, tax records and tax return processing.

Thanks to our experience we are able to precisely adapt to your needs and find the most suitable solution for you.

Do you need to ensure processing of accounting, payroll or return?

These services we provide for you!
Let us take care of your worries and pay full attention to your business.

Join our satisfied customers.

Why choose us?
- accounting is fun
- we are experienced
- we offer assurance
- we save your money
- we reject hidden charges
- we advise
- we can help you start a new business
We offer all services connected with bookkeeping, tax records and wage records for small and middle companies, tradesmen, other individuals and non-profit organization.

If you are a trademan or a company, who/which does not need an accountant for permanent employment or you just need to process a tax return eventually arrange checking the accuracy of your accounts, we are here for you.

You can expect serious, nice and friendly treating.

Bookkeeping and tax records in accordance with applicable accounting regulations and legal standards.
Quality and in-time processing of all accounting and tax agenda, presenting financial results, preparation of cost analysis, financial advice and more.
Processing of all the payroll, including monthly reports for health insurance and social security administration, clearing advances, keeping records of human resources according to current regulations, representing the respective offices in the proceedings.
Tax return
The services include processing of tax returns on income of legal persons and natural persons, VAT returns, summary reports, tax returns, road tax and filing tax office electronically, of course there is representation in the Tax Office in the proceedings.